Time Flies When You're....Busy!!

I can't believe it has been so long since I've put anything up! Life got a little too crazy all at once, which meant I needed to slow down and focus on me and my family. We bought a house and moved, got pregnant again and have been sick, kids pulling me in every which way, etc, etc, etc. Changes can always be great, but it usually takes me awhile to adjust...and that's exactly what happened these last few months.

I appreciate all of you that have been patient with me and my lack of availability but now I'm re-focused and ready to dive back into pictures! I have to admit I really haven't taken any pictures of my own family during my hiatus. However, we did take a wonderful vacation to Mexico in May and I actually dusted off the camera and used it. So this is what I have to share...Enjoy!

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Octopus hunting!


The loot!

She's not too excited about it but she did touch it

We also got some family pictures on the beach. Mia wasn't in the mood...still cute though!

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