Happy Birthday My Little 1 Year Old

Where do I begin about my little Mia. She is such a joy in our lives. The kids adore her and she adores them. Everywhere we go, I have people stopping and commenting that she's smiling at them...and that's what she does, she is constantly catching peoples eyes and giving them the biggest smile.

She's very quiet. Sometimes I forget she's even in the room. But always happy.

I've really struggled seeing Mia get older. It makes me so sad with each new milestone she reaches. I really do want her to stay little forever. I want to hang onto her sweetness and her kissable chubby thighs, feet, and cheeks.

We love our little Mia and feel so blessed that she has come to our family.

I absolutely love this picture. Her little chin and nose, and her chubby cheeks...I just want to kiss them!

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Rachael said...

These are sooo great Erin! :) Well done!

Crissie said...

These are adorable Erin! Love!!!! She's precious!