All You Need Is Love

Today was a rough day for me. No particular reason why...just feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, and inadequacy. Have you ever felt that way? I know that these feelings come along every once in a while and really tend to make the day a big downer.

So instead of moping around, I took my 3 children in my arms and we tickled, hugged, and played on my bed. There is something so magical being around people that love you unconditionally...even when you are far from perfect. Immediately, all those horrible feelings went away. I feel so blessed having such a wonderful family, husband, and 3 beautiful children. And they are all I need to help me always feel special.


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Anonymous said...

Erin, these pictures are gorgeous. You and the kiddos are model material, I love blonde hair and blue eyes (hope to have a child like that one day). Carter is such a handsome little guy and the girls are just beautiful. You and Adam are in big trouble in little China when the teenage dating years arrive. Looks like you're gonna have to teach Carter how to shoot and become owners of a large ghetto dog to keep the boys away.
I know that you're counting down the days till delivery, so I thought of an idea. Take the counting down the days till Christmas paper chain idea, but replace the paper with Fruit by the Foot. Eat one link every day. By the time you're done with your last chewy link, it'll be time! Brilliant as always, I know.

Gooch Family said...

Maria's comment is hilarious! That chain might be gone by the end of the day though :) Those pictures turned out really good. Props to Carter and Avery if they took the ones you are in!